A child in danger!

A very distressed father came to me needing assistance and advice. He strongly suspected that the mother of the child was using drugs and in a violent relationship with her current partner. The client had decided that it was too dangerous to return the child to the mother’s residence.

We commenced proceedings and were able to quickly obtain a listing date before a Judge. On the first occasion the mother did not attend Court and we were able to convince the Judge that an urgent Interim Order that the child live with the father was the best way to proceed.

As the matter progressed we were able to issue Subpoenas to the Police, school and Department of Family & Community Service to support our client’s concerns. The matter was eventually resolved with the child living permanently with our client and seeing his mother on a supervised basis for the protection of the child.

Without our assistance the client would have been left to navigate the complexity of the Family Law Act by himself. We explained the relevant legal principles to our client, we were able to draft and file Court proceedings quickly and obtained an Order for the child to live with his father until the circumstances could be properly ascertained. We continued to represent the father in the proceedings, and obtained final Orders for the child to live with him and spend supervised time with the mother.