Can I Leave My House to Facilitate Parenting Arrangements During COVID-19 Lockdown?

One of the most common questions we have received in the past weeks has been whether parents must (or should) comply with pre-existing parenting arrangements during COVID-19 lockdown. This was particularly so, as there was confusion as to whether informal (non-Court ordered) parenting arrangements constituted an exemption. The good news is that in most states … Read more

Specific Family Law Issues for Military personnel when facing a relationship breakdown

At Delaney Roberts Family Lawyers, we take particular pride in assisting our Defence Force community. Our office is located 500 metres from Bullecourt Barracks at Adamstown so over the past 12 years of operations we have helped numerous Defence Force personnel and their families.  The unique nature of employment in the military sometimes means that … Read more

What is Family Law?

What is Family Law? - parenting arrangements

Family Law includes many complex and intersecting legal issues which arise due to the existence of family relationships.  Legal rights and entitlements can depend on the nature of the relationship, its history and duration, the birth of children and factors in relation to the interdependency and a person’s ongoing need for financial support. At Delaney … Read more

Our Top 7 must-do’s for co-parenting with an ex over Christmas

Christmas is stressful enough without having to second-guess what your ex-partner’s plan is. Take a look at our Top 7 must-do’s below to make sure you’re on the front foot with parenting arrangements. 1. Stay child-focused Christmas should be about the children. Consider whether it’s really best for the children to make long trips on … Read more