Assisted a Widow / Executor of the Estate to defend a Family Provision claim brought by an Adult Child of the Deceased

The client was the wife of the Deceased.  They were married only 9 months prior to the death of the Deceased and met a mere 3 months prior to their marriage.  Their relationship was cut short only due to the Deceased’s untimely death. The client was the Executor of the Deceased’s Will, which was being … Read more

Assisted Adult Children who were left out of their Father’s Will completely, to gain adequate Provision from the Estate

The clients were adult children and contacted us to ascertain whether they could contest the Will of their late father (“the Deceased”).  The children were the Deceased’s next of kin, as he died leaving no spouse surviving him. The clients were extremely distressed when they discovered that the Deceased had left his entire estate, including … Read more

Assisted a Disadvantaged Client with a Substantial Settlement Sum from her Late Grandfather’s Estate

The client was an adult grandchild of the deceased.  She sought our advice regarding contesting the Will of her late grandfather (“the deceased”), in which she was left a very modest legacy of $20,000 from an estate valued at approximately $750,000. The grandfather’s last Will was made many years prior to his death, after the … Read more

Estranged adult son’s claim for provision from father’s $4million Estate settled for nominal amount thanks to persuasive presentation of applicable laws at Mediation.

The client was the Executor of her father’s Estate (“the Client“). Under the terms of her father’s Will, she was appointed as the Trustee of a testamentary trust that conferred upon her a discretionary power to control and distribute an Estate valued at approximately $3.5 – $4 million. Of particular value was a number of … Read more

Father defends estranged Daughter’s challenge to Grandmother’s Will on grounds of lack of testamentary capacity and claim for Family Provision Order.

The client was the Executor of his mother’s Estate (“the Client“). He sought a grant of probate in relation to what he considered to be her last valid will (“the Will“). At the time that the Will was made, the Client’s mother (“the Deceased“) intended that her Estate would go to the Client and his … Read more

Failure to update Will leads to Family Provision and Superannuation Death Benefit Claims. Court satisfied that de facto partner of 7 months entitled to bulk of Super ($200,000) and equal share of other Estate Assets.

The client was the de facto partner of the Deceased (“the Client“). She sought a Family Provision Order on the basis that she had not been provided for in any way in the will of the Deceased. The Deceased died unexpectedly as a result of an accident, and left a Will in which he appointed … Read more