Introducing Child Inclusive Mediation

Delaney Roberts offers a premium Mediation service in Newcastle now offering Child Inclusive Mediation with the expertise of Kim Coshaw, Child Consultant to assist parents to reach agreement.   “We have been quietly helping parents resolve their property and parenting disputes, reducing their legal costs and enabling them to avoid Court” says Director Anna Roberts. Mediation … Read more

What will my child be doing during the meeting with the Child Consultant?

Every meeting with the Child Consultant is different, depending on the personality, age and preferences of the child. In general, however, the Child Consultant will spend some time getting to know your child through a playful approach. This might involve playing games or general conversation about the things that your child enjoys. At some stage … Read more

Get The Best Result For Your Client

Make an Early Referral to Mediation Can you imagine how hard it is for someone who has just experienced the devastation of a separation to be: Locked out of the matrimonial home, away from their children, their clothes, personal possessions, furniture and so on? Living separated under the one roof with their ex (and the … Read more

Top 5 Tips To Get The Best Results at Mediation

Compared to a hearing, attending a Mediation might seem like a piece of cake.  There’s no cranky Judge throwing curly questions at you, you can stay comfortably in your seat and there are often nice snacks. But, as the Courts become slower and less certain, alternative dispute resolution processes are becoming less ‘alternative’ and more … Read more

Family Dispute Resolution

Any type of family dispute can be suitable for Mediation, whether it is about parenting, child support, property division, spousal maintenance, or even other family issues between a parent and adult child. Whether or not your client’s dispute is actually suitable for Mediation depends on a number of different factors which the Family Dispute Resolution … Read more

Family Law Mediation. What happens if I say No?

Family Law Mediation is also called Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR“) and is the first step in parenting proceedings in most parenting matters. Before commencing Court action, a party must provide a Certificate from an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to say that the parties have made a genuine attempt at mediation. There are some exceptions … Read more