Estate Litigation

Inheritance disputes and disputes in relation to the Adminstration of a Deceased Estate can cause considerable angst between family members and delay or restrict access to your rightful entitlements.

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Disputes arising after the death of a loved one occur for many different reasons. You may feel you have been unfairly left out of a Will or the Executor of the Estate might not be administering the Estate as fast as you would like or there might be a disagreement about the validity of a Will orthe meaning of clauses within the Will itself.

Estate Litigation Services

We can help you resolve disputes or issues in relation to a Deceased Estate so that you can move through the grieving process.

We are able to help you with:

Defending a Will

If you the Executor (or Beneficiary) of a Will being challenged and need to protect your entitlement under a Will.

Contesting a Will

If you are an eligible person and have been left out of a Will or not adequately provided for and need to make a claim for provision from the Estate (Family Provision Claims).

Rectification of a Will

Correcting the terms of a Will it if fails to carry out the Will-maker’s intentions because of the way the Will are expressed, or due to a clerical error.

Construction of a Will

Determining the proper meaning or interpretation ofthe terms of a Will where there is ambiguity or the meaning is disputed.

Testamentary capacity

Challenging the validity of a Will where there are questions around whether the Will-maker had sound mind so as to have the requisite testamentary capacity at the time they made or changed their Will.

Informal Wills

Where the Willmaker has expressed their testamentary intentions in a document that does not meet the legal requirements for a valid Will. These circumstances can be contentious where the document conflicts with a previous valid Will and/or would affect people that would otherwise benefit if the intestacy rules were to apply.

Undue influence

Challenging the validity of a Will where the Will-maker was unfairly coerced or otherwise unconscionably taken advantage of when drafting their Will.

Delay or mismanagement by the Executor

Taking acting against the Executor appointed by the Will where they have a conflict of interest, unnecessarily delayed administration of the Estate, mismanaged the Estate administration or are simply unable to agree on the Estate administration.

Promissory Estoppel

Making a claim on a Deceased Estate on the basis of your detrimental reliance on a promise made to you by a person prior to their death.

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