Delaney Roberts Follow Up Manager

The purpose of this form is to allow staff to easily add clients, other professionals and referrers to our email marketing database.

It is important that all clients and other relevant persons are added to the database for the relevant groups that correspond to them promptly so that future email marketing campaigns are sent to and received by them.

New enquiries and new clients should be added to the database based on the following rules:

  • All Family Law clients should be added to:
    • DRFL Estate Planning
    • Family Law
  • Solicitors (Lawyers and Law Firms that ask us to appear or work as their agent)
    • Agency
  • Referral Partner or Other Professional, allocate to any of the following applicable to their occupation:
    • Accountant
    • Financial Planner
    • Mortgage Broker
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Other Family Lawyers
    • Other Lawyers
    • Note: All contacts in this category should also be added to the ‘DRFL Estate Planning’ list

Use the form below to add clients and others to relevant groups in our email database.