Advanced Estate Planning

It’s not just about having a Will.

Find out what’s relevant for your circumstances and get protection for personal and business assets for you and your loved ones with our comprehensive estate planning services.

We offer peace of mind knowing that as far as legally possible, your wealth is protected for you and your family.

What is Advanced Estate Planning?

Advanced Estate Planning involves planning to:

  • Preserve your wealth during your lifetime,
  • Generate wealth in a flexible and tax friendly environment, and
  • Meet your loved ones’ financial needs in the event of your untimely death, injury or illness.

Asset Protection Strategies and Tax Planning are, therefore, vital to a successful Estate Plan.

Simple Legal Solutions

Too often there are simple solutions to complex Estate Planning issues that go unaddressed.

Speak to one of our Estate Planning Lawyers or download our Advanced Estate Planning Guide to find out about the simple legal solutions available for the following Estate Planning considerations:

  • Asset Protection,
  • Discretionary Trusts,
  • Loans,
  • Future Inheritances,
  • Business Risk,
  • Business Succession Planning,
  • Wills creating Testamentary Trusts,
  • Superannuation and Self Managed Super Funds,
  • Family Law Property Orders, and
  • Contested Wills Claims.

Our experienced team are amongst the top Estate Planning Lawyers Newcastle has to offer and are sought out by clients across Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Sydney regions.

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Advanced Estate Planning Guide

Often there are simple solutions to complex Estate Planning problems that go unaddressed.

Estate Planning Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to provide a brief overview of the considerations and solutions relevant to our Advanced Estate Planning service.

Find out what Estate Planning solutions are relevant to you and your family.

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