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Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage and is a separate process to a Family Law Property Settlement.

Why Get a Divorce

An Order for Divorce terminates a marriage. In most cases, if you have been separated from your Husband or Wife for longer than 12 months, officially ending the marriage may well be the natural progression.

If you have formed a new relationship, you cannot legally marry your new partner until your Divorce Order takes effect.

A Divorce Order also changes your legal status which may have an effect on your Will and other important documents.

When Can I Get a Divorce?

If you have been living separately and apart from your spouse for a continuous period of not less than 12 months, you can make an application for a divorce.

If you have been living with your spouse, but separated under the one roof, you can still apply for a divorce if it has been not less than 12 months since you, or your husband/wife, communicated and acted on an intention to separate. The breakdown of the relationship must have been substantial.

Can My Ex-Partner Resist a Divorce Application?

The sole ground for Divorce in Australia is ‘irretrievable breakdown’ of the marriage. This is proven by the parties to a marriage being separated and living separately and apart for a continuous period of not less than 12 months. So your ex-spouse can argue about when you separated however they cannot argue that the divorce shouldn’t be made because they want to remain married.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce?

If you file a joint application with your spouse, your Divorce hearing will be listed at least 28 days after the date of filing.

A sole application (i.e. where the application isn’t filed by both parties to the marriage) will be listed at least 42 days after filing if the respondent is in Australia and at least 56 days after filing if the respondent is not in Australia.

If the application is not made jointly, you will need to prove to the Court that the respondent has been served with a copy of the application. If service has not been effected, the Court will be unable to make the Divorce Order and the matter will be adjourned to allow you to properly serve the other party.

The Divorce Order will take effect one month and one day after the Order is made.

Does Getting a Divorce Also Divide our Property?

No, a Property Division must be dealt with separately from Divorce.  However, a Divorce Order triggers the limitation period for applying to the Court for Property Division Orders.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce?

The costs of a Divorce Application are approximately:

Legal fees for preparing Application:     $500.00

Filing fee to Court:     $930.00 (or reduced fee of $305.00 if eligible)

Service fees (to serve the Application on your spouse):     $200.00

Average Total:     $1,630.00 (plus GST)

Please note that legal fees and expenses for a Property Division and/or Parenting Arrangements are separate and not included in the above total.

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