Property Mediation

Mediation can be used to quickly and effectively work out how matrimonial property is to be divided between you and your ex.

Property Mediation

In a Mediation, an independent chairperson (the Mediator) hosts and guides a conversation between the parties to help them identify and assess options in order to reach an agreement about issues that were unresolved between them such as proper division or parenting arrangements.

Typical issues dealt with during Mediation include:

  • Who keeps the home and how much the other party is paid out
  • How other property is divided including furniture and furnishings
  • How much the items of property (including real estate, cars and furniture) are worth
  • The percentage division of the total property pool to each party
  • How and when the transfer of property is to be effected

We can assist you to reach agreement about the above issues and to draft your agreement into Consent Orders for your review and consideration, or for you to take to your Family Lawyer.