Separation Planning

Stop feeling lost or helpless. Take control of your life and make a fresh start today.


No doubt if you are thinking about separating from your partner you have turned to friends and family for guidance and advice, but have you thought about obtaining advice from a Family Lawyer?

At Delaney Roberts Family Lawyers, we believe that being proactive and seeking legal advice prior to separating can be the key to ensuring that your separation runs as smoothly as possible.

We regularly meet with clients who are thinking about separating from their spouse or de facto partner. Separation is a stressful and uncertain time. Let us be your separation planning partner! We will help you set goals and give your more certainty about what your rights and obligations are when you are deciding to leave a relationship.

How Our Family Lawyers Help

At Delaney Roberts Family Lawyers we recognise that all relationships, and therefore separations, are different. What worked for your friends, family members and/or colleagues may not be what is best for you. You are about to make a life changing decision; you need advice tailored to your unique set of circumstances.

We Will:

  • Talk you through the process of obtaining Family Court Orders,
  • Give you strategies to engage in preliminary negotiations with your soon to be ex-partner in relation to both parenting and property,
  • Refer you to, and attend, a meeting with a great accountant and/or financial planner so that you can assess and work towards achievable goals,
  • Advise you about your entitlement to spousal maintenance and/or an interim property settlement, and
  • Link you with services who will assist you to physically leave a relationship.

How We Charge

We offer flexible fee structures and payment arrangements for our clients including:

  • A once-off fixed fee initial consultation to get you started in Family Law,
  • Hourly rates or negotiated fixed fees for each stage of your matter.

Our Family Lawyers will discuss our fees and charges with you and will provide an estimate of the fees and charges likely to arise in your matter.

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