Child Support debt? Top 4 Actions you can take

Child Support Debt

Having any significant debt can be a stressful experience, but unfortunately some parents are discovering that having a Child Support debt can have an even greater impact on a person’s life then other debts. This is because of the various powers that Child Support have to enforce the payment of a debt.

This article looks at the top 4 actions you can take to improve your situation if you have child support debt.

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1. Why Do You Have Child Support Debt?

In the first instance you need to look at your Child Support debt and why it has accrued. If you believe there is an error in the amount of Child Support that you owe you should contact the Child Support Agency to see if you can lodge an objection or appeal.

2. Assess Your Child Support Debt

Then you need to consider what your debt is made up of. How much is Child Support owing and how much is late payment penalties? Remember to focus on the Child Support owing, as this is what you need to focus on repaying.

3. Make a Payment Arrangement

Next, you need to contact the Child Support agency to negotiate a payment arrangement. Any payment arrangement entered will be based on your individual circumstances. During this discussion ask if any of your late payment penalties can waived now or if the balance of your late payment penalties can be waived in full once you have paid your Child Support debt.

4. Negotiate your Penalties

Finally, once you have been making regular payments to Child Support or have paid your Child Support owing in full you should contact Child Support to ask for your late payment penalties be waived in full.

Alternatively, you could request that a solicitor, or other trusted person, become your Child Support Representative so that they can make the above enquiries and negotiations on your behalf.

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