Assisted a Disadvantaged Client with a Substantial Settlement Sum from her Late Grandfather’s Estate

The client was an adult grandchild of the deceased.  She sought our advice regarding contesting the Will of her late grandfather (“the deceased”), in which she was left a very modest legacy of $20,000 from an estate valued at approximately $750,000.

The grandfather’s last Will was made many years prior to his death, after the deceased and the client had a falling out.  At the time of his death, they had reconciled their relationship and despite reassurances by the deceased to the client that she would be well looked after when he died, he never updated his Will to reflect these intentions.

Leading up to a mediation of the matter, thorough preparation was undertaken to compile extensive evidence in support of the client’s claim.  This placed our client in the best position to establish that she was eligible to claim on her grandfather’s estate, and that the provision left to her in the Will was not proper and adequate provision. We ensured through carefully and accurately prepared evidence, that our client was in the best position to negotiate with the estate to increase her inheritance.

At mediation, our expert and strategic advice led to my many very low initial offers from the estate being rejected many very low initial offers from the estate and  an agreement reached with the estate in which our client received the sum of $300,000, plus her legal costs paid by the estate.  This was a very successful outcome for our client, which resulted in her receiving significant further provision from the estate and ultimately changed her life.  This was achieved without the need to go to hearing, avoiding the further legal costs, delays, risk and emotional stress associated with a Court hearing.