What will my child be doing during the meeting with the Child Consultant?

Child playing

Every meeting with the Child Consultant is different, depending on the personality, age and preferences of the child. In general, however, the Child Consultant will spend some time getting to know your child through a playful approach. This might involve playing games or general conversation about the things that your child enjoys. At some stage during the meeting your child will be provided with the opportunity to talk about their family, their thoughts, and their feelings, with the Child Consultant asking questions to gain a deeper understanding.

At no stage will your child be required to answer questions they do not feel comfortable with and at all times our highly qualified and experienced Child Consultant will be actively monitoring the wellbeing of your child and sensitively and therapeutically responding to any feelings the child may be expressing and/or experiencing.

Towards the end of the meeting the Child Consultant will collaborate with your child to develop a summary of the child’s perspective to ensure the child feels confident the Child Consultant has a thorough understanding of their perspective. Discussion is then likely to return to general and light-hearted topics before the meeting is concluded.

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What will my child be doing during the meeting with the Child Consultant? -

By Kim Coshaw

Child Consultant