Fixed Fees for Parenting Consent Orders

We can prepare the legally-binding documents required to finalise your parenting arrangements following separation.

Consent Orders formally document your Parenting Arrangements resulting in a legally binding agreement.

Our Specialist Family Lawyers prepare and finalise all necessary documentation to obtain sealed Consent Orders from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia to give you certainty that the terms of your Parenting agreement will be binding.

Our Fixed Fee for Parenting Consent Orders includes the following:

Drafting the Application for Consent Orders and Terms of Settlement
Providing the Application for Consent Orders and Terms of Settlement to the other party for review and approval
Arranging for the Application for Consent Orders and Terms of Settlement to be signed by you, sent to the other party for signature and filed with the Court
File Management Fee
Total (GST incl)                                                                 $3,500.00

Already in agreement, but want it to be legally binding so that you can move on?

Family Law Fixed Fee Services

The benefits of our Fixed Fee Family Law Services include they result in a legally-binding outcome without delay, they are well-priced for the cost conscious, they avoid the need for Court, and they keep things amicable between the parties.

From $1,100 Incl GST

Family Law Fixed Fee Services


Our Fixed Fee does not include:

Smart Start Appointment Fee
Your Smart Start appointment fee is $350.00 (GST incl) for up to a 90 minute appointment.

Please note that the Solicitor assisting you in your Smart Start Appointment will advise you as to whether our Fixed Fee Consent Orders are appropriate for your case.

Other charges from external providers
Other amounts required to be paid to other service providers. You will be advised of any such amounts with as much notice as reasonably practicable.
Additional scope of work
  • Where there is any change to the terms of the agreement initiated by you and/or the other party which is different to the initial instructions provided by you in your Initial Appointment. In this case, we shall provide you with a Legal Services Agreement detailing an estimate of the likely cost of the work required to negotiate the terms.
  • Where the property subject to division under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) includes any of the following:
    • A business interest
    • 2 or more investment properties
    • An unlisted shareholding
    • Corporate appointment(s) or resignation(s)
    • A family trust
    • A defined-benefit superannuation interest
    • A self-managed superannuation fund
  • The implementation of the terms of the Binding Financial Agreement including transfer of property, discharge of mortgage/refinance, provision of documentation to the Trustee of a superannuation fund to effect a superannuation split.

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