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Our expert Family Lawyers are highly skilled in all financial aspects of relationship breakdown and can help you secure your best financial future.

100+ 5 Star Google Reviews

Christie Carroll

Would recommend they highly to anyone.

I had Linda Hackney look after my financial separation and Tanya Chapman prepare my Will and another matter I could not speak highly enough of both these ladies and their wonderful professional team.


My sincere gratitude for getting this arranged with commensurate alacrity, it is thoroughly appreciated!.


A true champion of your profession.

“Thank you very much for all you have done for me. I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in 4 years last night. Once again thank you for your patience and attitude and commitment for a positive outcome.”

Daniel S

Linsey’s youth belies her strong organisational skills, eye for detail, steadiness, sensitivity to my mental health issues and overall capacity for support and understanding of my situation.

“Nobody wants to find themselves going through a legal ‘battle’, post separation. It’s draining, painful, lengthy, ridiculously expensive and to be avoided if at all possible. However, my super capable solicitor, Linsey Wilson, at Delaney Roberts Family Lawyers, helped guide me through about nine months of negotiation and some sometimes shocking behaviour from my ex and her lawyer.

She wasn’t fixated on going to court at all costs and helped guide me to a sensible solution, reached after just one day in front of the Newcastle family court registrar. That is what you pay for, in my opinion, and Delaney Roberts Family Lawyers got me through a difficult financial settlement and subsequent agreement over parenting orders with guile, intelligence and not a little kindness. Linsey helped me settle before the costs (financial and emotional) got even greater, so I’ll always be grateful for that. As will my two young daughters, with whom I can now concentrate on having happy times, 50% of the time.”


Clare, you are amazing you have just given our family the best Christmas present ever.

Johanna Lilford

Anna made me feel like I was in control.

“Anna talked me through to procedures required, organized all the paperwork involved and made me feel like I was in control. She knew exactly what had to be done and kept in touch through the entire process. I found her to be very understanding and professional during this rather difficult time in my life.”

Jodie S

Watching you do your thing, was awe inspiring. You have given me so much confidence in getting what I and my son truly deserve.

“First of all, I want to thank you for the amazing support and guidance you gave me yesterday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Keith Jelbart

Anna provided me comprehensive advice and recommended course of action.

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Anna Roberts earlier this year on a rather complex family law issue involving superannuation. I always felt informed and had confidence in the support I was provided. I would certainly recommend Anna to anyone in a similar situation.”

Krystal Longworth

We can not thank Linda enough for the outcome on the day and we look forward to continuing to work with her as our case continues before the courts.

“Linda Hackney came recommended to us by a close friend. After meeting with Linda and choosing her to represent us in our family law court case, we’ve both been extremely happy with her professional yet friendly service and although our court case is still ongoing we recently had the blessing of a very positive experience when our case went before a Judge for the first time.”

Greg Chandler

“I recently went through a painful separation, the last thing I wanted to do is go through a long custody battle and splitting of assets. Only working with Fiona for a short time I found her to be super responsive and very professional not taking any nonsense from her counterpart. She made what could have been an even longer drawn out affair move smoothly and made sensible suggestions as to not cost anyone involved any more money than it already had. Highly recommend Fiona for no nonsense help with family law matters.”

Cameron Smith

I see Jade in the office and she is amazing. Her wealth of knowledge is great and so helpful in a time of need. She understands and is compassionate about the situation. Highly recommend.

Teneika Riley

Linda Hackney was nothing short of incredible! She was always going above and beyond for me with my case.

“I would refer to Linda as my back bone because she would constantly give me the strength and support I needed to keep moving forward through my case. I’m so grateful to have had her in my corner over these past few years. I’m so happy with my case result, I highly recommend her as she is kind, supportive and has such a high understanding of the family law. Thankyou Linda!”

Our Family Law Property Services

Our Specialist Family Lawyers can assist you with all aspects of your property division. We can help you to secure your maximum entitlement to the property owned between you and your former spouse and to pursue the assets that you wish to retain, whether it is the family home, family business, superannuation entitlements or the family pet.

How We Help

We use our commercial expertise as Specialist Family Lawyers to get the best property division for our clients. We can clearly identify the property pool available for division, understand complex corporate entities, prevent any disposal of assets, deal with valuation issues and to pursue the maximum outcome for you.

Our Specialist Family Lawyers can negotiate and Mediate with the other party in an attempt to reach agreement. Where agreement is not forthcoming, our Family Law team is highly skilled in Court advocacy and will appear in the Family Court on your behalf to skilfully argue and advance your position.

Make a Smart Start

Get the edge with your Property Division.

Our Specialist Family Lawyers have extensive commercial knowledge to assist you with your Property Division, including:
  • Property Division
  • Resolving asset valuation issues
  • Protecting assets from early disposal
  • Preventing your former spouse from making major acquisitions or sales of family assets
  • Accessing funds and finance after Separation
  • Excluding your former spouse from living in the home
  • Dealing with a Family Business
  • Arranging Business Valuations
  • Arrangements and orders for the sale of the home
  • Partial property division
  • Litigation funding orders
  • Superannuation splitting orders and agreements
  • Binding Financial Agreements

Feel the empowerment
of knowing where you
stand at an early stage.

Fixed Fee Smart Start Appointment

Your Smart Start Family Lawyer will answer all your questions, explain the law and legal processes, provide on-the-spot tailored advice and help you develop a plan for moving forward.

$350 incl. GST 90-Minute Consultation

Family Law Smart Start Guide

Make your start in Family Law a Smart Start.

Our Smart Start Guide summarises all aspects of Family Law in Australia and includes practical case studies to help you understand how the legal processes will apply to you.

Mediation eGuide

Be prepared to Mediate Property and Parenting disputes.

Our Mediation eGuide is an essential tool to understanding what Mediation is, when Mediation is necessary, how to prepare for your Mediation and how it can benefit you in your Family Law journey.

Smart Start Appointment eGuide

The smartest way to start your separation journey.

Developed after more than a decade of helping people, our Smart Start is the clearest, fastest and smartest way to start your Family Law separation journey.

We offer a Fixed Fee for
Consent Orders formalising
private agreements for the
division of property.

Consent Orders for Property Division

Informal agreements for the division of property are simply unenforceable and may result in avoidable stamp duty or CGT liabilities unless formalised by Consent Orders or an approved Binding Financial Agreement.

$3,500 incl. GST
We have more Accredited Specialists in Family Law than 99% of all law firms in NSW.

FAQs: Smart Start Appointment

What is a Smart Start Appointment?

A Smart Start Appointment is:

  • A one-on-one appointment with a Specialist Family Lawyer who is an expert in dealing with legal separation and has helped many people just like you,
  • Where you will get on-the-spot specialist Family Law advice tailored to your circumstances,
  • Completely confidential,
  • 90-minute duration,
  • Once-off Fixed Fee of $350, and
  • No obligation.

Our Smart Start Appointment is a unique solution developed after more than a decade of helping people find clarity and direction in relation to the breakdown of an important relationship. We understand that this significant life transition, and its possible consequences, are stressful and the need to make important decisions during this time can be overwhelming.

Do I have to have a Smart Start Appointment?

Our Smart Start Appointment is your initial appointment. In most cases it is required so that we can better understand your situation and ensure we are matching you with the best Solicitor and or service that you need to achieve your desired outcome.

Our Client Services Officer will be able to confirm if a Smart Start Appointment is your first step with Delaney Roberts.

How will I benefit from a Smart Start Appointment?

Our Smart Start Appointment is guaranteed to help you to reduce your stress, gain confidence and give you direction as it:

  • Gives you access to a one-on-one confidential appointment with a Specialist Family Lawyer,
  • Is an affordable and accessible solution offering great value at a reasonable fixed price,
  • Gives you on-the-spot legal advice tailored to your situation,
  • Allows you to address the issues that are concerning you right now,
  • Brings to your attention other issues that you may not have thought about,
  • Sets out a list of Next Steps for you to take so you leave the appointment with a plan,
  • Informs you about how to proceed with our firm if you wish to, and
  • Gives you an understanding of how we charge and the costs likely to arise for you.
How do I book a Smart Start Appointment?

You can arrange a Smart Start Appointment for yourself, or someone else, by:

Once you have contacted us, you will speak to our Client Services Officer who will talk to you about:

  • Your current situation and how we can help,
  • The Specialist Family Lawyers who are available to meet with you and who might best suit your case (unless you would like to request a specific Family Lawyer),
  • The times and dates available for your Smart Start Appointment and what is suitable to you,
  • Whether you would like to meet your Specialist Family Lawyer in person (in one of our office conference rooms) or via video or teleconference,
  • The Smart Start Appointment fixed fee price,
  • How to pay the Smart Start Appointment fee,
  • Any concerns you may have about the Smart Start Appointment or about your circumstances generally,
  • How to find our office and parking options (if you are attending your Smart Start Appointment in-office), and
  • The name of your former partner, so that we can make sure that we have not acted for them in the past and to ensure we do not take their enquiry if they call us.

If you would like to proceed with making a Smart Start Appointment, our Client Services Officer will:

  • Take pre-payment of the $350 Smart Start Appointment fee,
  • Confirm the date, time and location of your Smart Start Appointment,
  • Confirm the name of your Specialist Family Lawyer and some information about them, and
  • Send you an email to confirm the details for your Smart Start Appointment, including details about the location of our office and nearby parking.
What information do I need to bring to my Smart Start Appointment?

Our Lawyers are experts in asking the right questions to get the information they need to properly advise you. All your Specialist Family Lawyer will really need is to hear you tell your story.

However, bringing some additional paperwork can be helpful and can assist to prompt your memory. If you have time to gather some papers, the documents that will most help your Specialist Family Lawyer are:

  • Any paperwork you have received from your ex or their Lawyer,
  • Any legal paperwork about your relationship such as a pre-nuptial agreement or Court Orders,
  • Details of the assets, debts and superannuation you and your ex had when you started your relationship,
  • Details of the assets, debts and superannuation you and your ex have now,
  • Details of any lump sum amounts received by you or your ex during the relationship and/or since separation such as gifts or financial assistance from parents, inheritances, redundancies, workers’ compensation payments, lottery winnings or similar, and
  • Details of current income for you and your ex.

Before your appointment, our staff will ask you to complete our Client Intake Form with the essential information that your Specialist Family Lawyer needs before starting your Smart Start Appointment.

Do you offer Fixed Fee services?

Yes! We offer many Fixed Fee services please click here for more information.

How will my lawyer communicate with me?

All communication with our lawyers will be over the phone and email. Important correspondence will be contained in letters as PDF attachments to emails. This includes invoices. It is essential that you take the time to read all correspondence received by your lawyer and contact your legal team should you have any questions, require clarification, or need further information in order to understand.

FAQs: Trust Account

What is a Trust Account?

A Trust Account is a bank account in which we hold money on your behalf, usually as a deposit for the payment of future invoices. We are not permitted to use this money unless certain conditions are met. Most law firms use a Trust Account to assist to manage the payment of legal costs.

When will I be asked to deposit money into your Trust Account?
  • At the beginning of your matter,
  • At intervals throughout your matter once the amount you have deposited into our Trust Account has already been used to pay invoices and is not enough to cover the next stage of work, and
  • For specific purposes, such as for payment to your former partner under Court orders or an agreement, or expenses we will need to pay on your behalf.
Why do you request that money be deposited into your Trust Account?

We request that you deposit money into our Trust Account so that we can be certain that we will be paid for the work you have instructed us to do and/or so that we are not out-of-pocket for the expenses we pay to others on your behalf (e.g. Search fees, valuation fees, stamp duty, barristers’ fees).

What happens to the money in Trust when my matter is complete?

Money held in our Trust Account is held on your behalf. Subject to any lien we hold over the money to secure payment of our fees, money held in our Trust Account will be paid at your direction at any time. Upon completion of your matter and payment of our fees, money held in our Trust Account will, therefore, be paid to you or as you direct.

Do I need to Pay Money in Advance?

In most cases, yes. We typically require that you have both signed the Legal Services Agreement with us and deposited the requested funds into our Trust Account before commencing work on your behalf.

The amount of money required to be paid in advance will be based on our estimate of costs work initially to be undertaken. This will be discussed with your Solicitor during your Smart Start Appointment and confirmed in an Engagement Letter.

When do I pay into the Office Account and when do I pay into the Trust Account?

You will only need to pay money into the office account if you have an invoice due where the amount is greater than the funds we have held for you in trust.