Our Firm

We are compassionate Lawyers who have chosen to specialise in Family Law so we can help individuals navigate periods of significant change to their family circumstances.

Our Vision

We are a leading Australian specialist Family Law Firm with offices in Sydney and Newcastle and plan to establish a national footprint.

We deliver expert legal assistance in the framework of a specialised service delivery model tailored to assist you to achieve an outcome and move on with dignity, certainty and security.

Our Mission

Our mission is to secure the best future
for every client and their family.

We do this by:

  • Providing clear and realistic legal advice.
  • Providing direct access to a highly capable team.
  • Delivering an exceptional and personalised service.
  • Focusing on practical resolutions.

A note from our Founding Partner, Anna Roberts.

Navigating a relationship breakdown is difficult and making sure you take all the right steps at the right time can seem impossible.

We want you to make the very best start in this process; to get ahead of important decisions early on, in the right frame of mind and armed with expert advice.

After years of working with people experiencing separation, we know how important it is to start the separation process in a strong, informed and clear-minded place – we call this making a Smart Start.

To make sure you make a Smart Start, we have developed our Smart Start Appointment – the clearest, fastest and smartest start to your separation journey.

We have also published our Smart Start Guide which contains information about our Smart Start Appointment and other useful Family Law information to help you through the early stages of your separation.

Best wishes as you make your fresh start.

Why we do what we do?

We are compassionate Lawyers who have chosen to specialise in Family Law so we can help individuals navigate periods of significant change to their family circumstances.

As specialists in Family Law we are able to offer expert insights in relation to how the Family Law system works and how Family Law issues are likely to unfold.

We derive a sense of achievement from applying our expertise to develop and implement personalised legal strategies to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Feel the empowerment
of knowing where you
stand at an early stage.

Fixed Fee Smart Start Appointment

Your Smart Start Family Lawyer will answer all your questions, explain the law and legal processes, provide on-the-spot tailored advice and help you develop a plan for moving forward.

$350 incl. GST 90-Minute Consultation


We focus is on maintaining a collegiate environment where Specialist Lawyers who share common values and a common vision for our future work collaboratively to resolve complex legal problems for clients.

Our Core Values form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

People First

We are a people business and rely on our people to deliver specialist legal services and a first-class client experience.

Our success and the success of our clients depends on the quality and engagement of our people and the relationships we nurture.

We focus on attracting the right people, developing talent and fostering genuine long-term relationships.

We enjoy friendly competition and encourage social interaction, genuine friendships and laughs at work while always being respectful of our clients and each other.

We celebrate individual and collective achievements and maintain employee incentive programs that deliver real rewards and reasons for winners to smile (while on a free holiday).

Deliver & Demonstrate Excellence

We help our clients to pursue realistic expectations by understanding their objectives and providing practical and timely specialist advice.

We deliver when we say we will deliver, keep our clients informed and unleash the full force of our talent to help our clients achieve the outcomes they deserve.

We strive to be the best we can and recognise that this is a process of continuous improvement.

We utilise our experiences and expertise to help our clients to think and act proactively to avoid foreseeable legal problems and/or strengthen their position if problems arise.

The Right Reputation

We recognise that our reputation as specialists in solving legal problems is held in the hands of our clients and is dependent on their overall client experience.

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and create an ever increasing and loyal base of repeat clients and referrers.

Uncompromising Professionalism & Integrity

We unwaveringly honour the tenets of the legal profession and our duties to the Court and let our actions give others confidence in the rule of law.

Family Law Smart Start Guide

Make your start in Family Law a Smart Start.

Smart Start Appointment eGuide

The smartest way to start your separation journey.

Mediation eGuide

Be prepared to Mediate Property and Parenting disputes.

Advanced Estate Planning eGuide

Asset protection strategies and tax planning are crucial considerations that are too often overlooked in Estate Planning.