Fixed Fee for Mediation Services

Are you having difficulty reaching an agreement with your ex-partner about a parenting and/or property matter?

Get things resolved fairly and quickly through Mediation so you can make a fresh start and get on with life.

Our Fixed Fee for Property or Parenting Mediation services includes:

3 hour Mediation with a Specialist Family Law Mediator
Coordinating suitable Mediation time with all parties
Assessment of suitable Mediation format
Recommendation of required support, if any
Section 60I Certificate*
Total Per Party (incl GST)                                                                 $1,100

*If Party B does not attend Mediation, Party A will receive the Section 60I Certificate and a refund of $550.

See here for more information about Property Mediation.

See here for more Information about Parenting Mediation.

Already in agreement, but want it to be legally binding so that you can move on?

Family Law Fixed Fee Services

The benefits of our Fixed Fee Family Law Services include they result in a legally-binding outcome without delay, they are well-priced for the cost conscious, they avoid the need for Court, and they keep things amicable between the parties.

From $1,100 Incl GST

Family Law Fixed Fee Services


Payment Terms

1.1 Parties agree to pay:

(a) the Price, by the earlier of the date of Mediation and within seven (7) days of receipt of a Tax Invoice, and

(b) all other amounts which become due and payable under this Agreement, within seven (7) days of receipt of a Tax Invoice.

1.2 Subject to clause 1.3, the Price is $1,100.00 incl GST (per party), which includes a three (3) hour Mediation. If the Mediation exceeds three (3) hours, then the parties will be charged an additional fee pursuant to clause 1.3(a).

1.3 The following additional fees and charges are payable by the Parties, as relevant:

(a) additional hours spent in Mediation beyond those specified in clauses 1.2 and 1.3, as relevant – $220.00 incl GST per hour (per party);

(b) if we prepare Family Court Orders in the terms of the agreement reached at Mediation – $1,500.00 incl GST (per party); and

(c) if we file a Family Court Order, filing fee – $170.00.

1.4 Where a Mediation does not proceed because a Party is entitled to receive a Section 60I Certificate, we will be entitled to retain $550.00 incl GST from the Party(s) who receives the Section 60I Certificate, and will refund the remaining Price paid to the respective party(s).

1.5 The Parties will be required to execute a formal Mediation Agreement prior to the commencement of the Mediation.

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