Property Mediation

Mediation provides you an opportunity to sit down with your former spouse (with or without lawyers) to have a structured and balanced conversation about how your relationship property is to be divided.

Fast-track your Property Division negotiations with a Property Mediation. Mediation gets to the heart of issues quickly and provides a supported and focused forum for those issues to be resolved.

In a Mediation, an independent chairperson (the Mediator) hosts and guides a conversation between the parties to help them identify and assess options in order to reach an agreement about issues that were unresolved between them such as proper division or parenting arrangements.

What issues can I resolve at Mediation?

Typical issues dealt with during Mediation include:
  • Who keeps the home and how much the other party is paid out

  • How other property is divided including furniture and furnishings

  • How much the items of property (including real estate, cars and furniture) are worth

  • The percentage division of the total property pool to each party

  • How and when the transfer of property is to be effected

Reduce Legal Costs and Make a Fresh Start Sooner

Family Law Property & Parenting Mediations

Mediation is a quick, confidential and highly effective process for negotiating parenting arrangements and/or the division of property following separation.

$1,100 INC GST per Party

Lawyer Assisted Mediation

Where possible, we recommend parties attend Mediation with their Family Lawyers so that they can get on-the-spot advice and support about the issues discussed.

If only one of the parties has a Lawyer, the Family Lawyer can attend as long as the other party agrees.

Mediation eGuide

Be prepared to Mediate Property and Parenting disputes.

Anna Roberts, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Anna Roberts is a qualified Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is also a highly skilled and experienced Family Lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in Family Law matters and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Family Law.

Her experience in the legal sector has given her an understanding of the challenges faced by parties in a Family Law dispute and, in particular, the delay and dissatisfaction caused by the Family Court system and ongoing legal battles.

100+ 5 Star Google Reviews

Keith Jelbart

Anna provided me comprehensive advice and recommended course of action.

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Anna Roberts earlier this year on a rather complex family law issue involving superannuation. I always felt informed and had confidence in the support I was provided. I would certainly recommend Anna to anyone in a similar situation.”

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