Simone is a master of leveraging mediation to navigate intricate family law disputes to amicable resolutions.
Simone Johnson
Associate Solicitor
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Simone is an Associate Solicitor with a robust background in Dispute Resolution and Mediation. With a primary focus on parenting and property disputes, Simone brings a wealth of experience to every Family Law matter she handles.

Simone thrives on seeking proactive and cost-effective solutions to her clients parenting and property disputes.

With years of experience as a Family Lawyer, Simone leverages her deep understanding of the legal system, coupled with her mediation and negotiation skills, to secure timely and favorable results for her clients.

Simone is experienced in handling parenting matters involving domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues, employing a compassionate and strategic approach to achieve positive outcomes.

In addition to her expertise in family law, Simone also has experience in Criminal and Estates Law, and understands  the intricate intersections these areas can have with family law matters.


A firm believer in effective communication, Simone prioritises clear and concise dialogue with her clients. She takes pride in ensuring her clients fully comprehend the processes and requirements involved at every stage of their matter.

Her approachable demeanor and knack for explaining complex legal concepts in plain language make her a trusted advocate for her clients.

Areas of Law


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/ Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Bachelor of Communications (majoring in Journalism)
  • Masters of Environmental Law
  • NMAS Accredited Mediator (Bond University)
  • Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (Attorney-General’s Department)

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