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Brooke Febo  /  06 May, 2024

A breakdown of the key amendments to the Family Law Act 1975, as of 6 May 2024.

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Parental Alienation and Child Inclusive Mediation

Parental alienation is a phenomenon that occurs when a child aligns with one of their parents, and rejects the other parent due to alienating behaviours of the first parent.

02 Dec, 2022
Anna Roberts

Family Dispute Resolution

Any type of family dispute can be suitable for Mediation, whether it is about parenting, child support, property division, spousal maintenance, or even other family issues between a parent and adult child.

20 May, 2022
Anna Roberts

Top 5 Tips For Lawyers To Get The Best Results at Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution processes are becoming the standard practice in a Family Law matter. So, how can you as a Lawyer maximise your client’s results at a Family Law Mediation?

20 May, 2022
Anna Roberts

Get The Best Result For Your Client

The best venue to discuss and resolve parenting, property and financial issues is at a lawyer-assisted Family Law Mediation.

20 May, 2022
Anna Roberts

COVID-19 and your Family Law Matter

Just because we are encouraged to socially isolate, doesn’t mean that you have to put your life on hold. We are well equipped to continue to offer the same quality service to our existing and new clients.

30 Mar, 2020
Linsey Wilson

Family Law Mediation. What happens if I say No?

Family Law Mediation is also called Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR“) and is the first step in parenting and property proceedings.

18 Jul, 2017
Anna Roberts