COVID-19 and your Family Law Matter

COVID-19 and your Family Law Matter -

At Roberts Legal we understand that the current health crisis may have increased your anxiety in relation to your separation and family law matter. However just because we are encouraged to socially isolate, doesn’t mean that you have to put your life on hold.

Certainly, the way we are interacting is changing, however we are well equipped to continue to offer the same quality service to our existing and new clients.

How our Family Law Team are Dealing with the Crisis

We are conducting all conferences (including smart start conferences via telephone, or if you would prefer to see who you are talking to, we can set up a Zoom meeting (which is a lot like ‘facetime’). If you haven’t used this service before, but would like to, one of our admin staff can talk you through the process.

What are the Courts and Mediators Doing?

Where possible, most mediation facilities are continuing to function via telephone and Zoom. As always, we encourage our clients to attempt mediation if it is appropriate and/or safe to do so.

Whether you have a matter currently before the Court, or you need to file an application with the Court, rest assured that it continues to function.

Last week the Chief Justice of the Federal Circuit and Family Courts, Justice Will Alstergren stated that “Closing down the Courts is not an option”.

The situation is fluid, however at the moment, unless there is a specific reason for personal attendance at Court, all matters are being conducted via telephone or in the case of hearings, via video link.

The Court has always facilitated attendance via telephone and in our experience, it certainly does not prevent your matter from moving forward. It may even serve to reduce costs because there is typically less waiting around!

Some, non-urgent matters are being adjourned and parties are encouraged, where possible to attend mediation.

Personal Safety

If your safety, or the safety of your children, has been compromised as a result of this health crisis, please do not put off calling us. Where necessary, we can file an urgent application on your behalf and help to link you in with social services.

How Can We Help?

If you have questions about a family law matter, how the process has changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic or even how to continue to facilitate existing Orders in light of the crisis, please contact us today on 4952 3901 or email to schedule one of our ‘Smart Start’ fixed fee appointments.

By Linsey Wilson

Senior Associate Solicitor

COVID-19 and your Family Law Matter -